Viennese artist, producer and DJ Peter Kruder is one of the legendary figures in electronic music. Since the release of the "G-Stoned" EP (G-Stone, 1994), together with his partner Richard Dorfmeister as Kruder and Dorfmeister, his name is synonymous for outstanding quality sound production coupled with the taste and style of his DJ sets.

The Kruder and Dorfmeister releases "DJ Kicks" (!K7, 1996) and "K&D Sessions" (!K7, 1998) are considered pioneering in electronic music. The sound that was formulated became known as "downtempo“, showing that electronic music need not be confined to cold sounds and metallic beats but could embody sensuality and a deep soulfulness. Both releases have been global bestsellers, with „K&D Sessions“ having sold more than one million copies worldwide and being considered one of the most influential albums of the 1990s. The magic Kruder and Dorfmeister sound has a longevity and highly influential legacy that shows no signs of fading.

In parallel to his partnership with Dorfmeister, Peter Kruder has always followed his solo projects. In 1999, Kruder released his highly acclaimed debut album "Peace Orchestra", which combined the dark musical sensuality of Central Europe with a granulated mix of soul, hip hop, jazz and dub music. Peter Kruder solo remixes soon were in demand and he reworked Bebel Gilberto, Fauna Flash and various other artists. With Munich DJs and producers Christian Prommer and Roland Appel - Kruder kicked off the Voom Voom project in 2001, which focused on a new interpretation of club music. Soon, the first Voom Voom singles were released to massive acclaim and led up to the much loved debut album Voom Voom - Peng Peng on !K7.

Peter Kruder produced various artists, such as Marsmobil, Urbs, Christian Prommer's Drumlesson as well as DJ Hell ́s highly acclaimed "Teufelswerk" album. Additionally, Peter has released various singles under his own name on labels such as Gigolo Records, Macro, 2DIY4 and the Compost Black Label. As a DJ, Kruder has been spinning professionally since the 1990, with almost three decades of club experience nurtured by innumerable legendary gigs in all corners of the world. Kruder is now internationally known for impeccably mixed and originally selected DJ sets.

2010 saw the 16th anniversary of Kruder & Dorfmeister and G-Stone which resulted in the "Sixteen F**kin Years Of G-Stone Recordings“compilation and the development of the "K&D Live“ show with Richard Dorfmeister. K&D decided it was time to present the past, present and future of their music in a fully staged live spectacle. The show included visuals by long time G-Stone VJ collaborator Fritz Fitzke and MC performances by Earl Zinger and MC Ras T-Weed. With performances at The Big Chill, Sonar Festival and numerous other high profile festivals, the "K&D Live“ show became an instant success and a sold out world tour ensued. 

More highly acclaimed releases followed in the recent time on Boxer Recordings and Gigolo Records.
2016 began the writing and production of DJ Hell’s greatly received comeback album „Zukunftsmusik“ and in 2017 the production of Marsmobil’s „Fairytails Of The Supersurvivor“ on Compost Records.

In 2017 Peter Kruder recieved The Golden Medal of Honour from his hometown Vienna.

Currently, Peter Kruder is daily honoring his craft in his studio and still Djing in various clubs and festivals all around the world.