Hot Release

by Peter Kruder & Rodney Hunter

Release Date: 2018-11-16

Label: Compost Disco

Catalog: CODIS0183

Peter Kruder and Rodney Hunter have been buddies for decades, growing up on the same block, it would only be a matter of time until the 2 boys would connect and start their legacy.

The story took shape, when Peter (15) and Rodney (13) decided to meet up on a daily basis at Peter's house to jam and to record their musical ideas on a stereo tape deck, combining all of their influences like, James Brown, Gary Numan or even Bauhaus in to a special Kruder/Hunter style, it wouldn't take long and these guys would write music history with their forthcoming, new projects.

Years have passed and Peter and Rodney always stayed in touch, when they met it would occasionally happen that the two would reminisce about the past, those days when they would rock the tape deck.

One of those chats inspired both to meet up again and to work on new music, the only guideline was to finish the business with the spirit and ideas that they started out with back in the days.

The first results of these new jam sessions are two amazing tracks, the spectacular "This Is What U Get" and the mind-blowing tune entitled "Addicted To Ganja"